Julia Shaw is back—and this time she can’t fail.

Deirdre and Grayson Stephens have it all, a loving marriage, a successful business, and four-year-old Maddie, their medical miracle child. After a six-year court battle, the Stephens are only days away from finalizing the adoption of Alexander, a Maya orphan from the highlands of Guatemala.

While in Antigua waiting for the final court date, Maddie disappears. Three days pass with no ransom. Then Grayson vanishes without a trace. Within hours, a stranger with a notorious past approaches Deirdre claiming he’ll find Maddie–but his offer has a dangerous price.

With her husband’s life hanging in the balance, a scared and confused Deirdre doesn’t know whom to trust. Then the original kidnapper shows up claiming Maddie was kidnapped a second time.

Deirdre joins forces with a battered US Security Agent looking to right a wrong from her past, and the woman who put Maddie in harms way, to outsmart the stranger and rescue her daughter.