Welcome to the Low Country

Make Changing Tides one of your summer reads.

Changing Tides Book Cover

In the span of one summer, a savvy financial analyst discovers two of her mother’s favorite clichés ring true. Life isn’t a fairytale, even in the peaceful, laid-back community in the Georgia Low Country. And be careful what you wish for. After her son witnesses her ex-husband’s tragic death, Katelyn Landers quits her satisfying banking career and returns home to run the family business. But instead of the tranquil Low Country life of backyard picnics and people who know her by name, she faces a real estate empire teetering on bankruptcy, professional thieves masquerading as friends, and a tenacious US Marshal who unearths truths that crumble her foundation of self, family, and motherhood.

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Shrimp Boats

The setting for CHANGING TIDES–a lone airboat, a mysterious dive boat, crab and shrimp boats cruising the river, and even a category 3 hurricane last summer, are all scenes viewed from my office window.

But the idea for CHANGING TIDES was born after watching mysterious divers return week after week to an area around my dock. When I asked what they were harvesting, they gave different answers–old anchors, metal objects, but my favorite was shark teeth. Finding shark teeth in a murky river with a visibility of no more than twelve inches was very suspicious. So…what were those three men searching for? I still don’t know!

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