Changing Tides Book Cover

In the span of one summer, a savvy financial analyst discovers two of her mother’s favorite clichés ring true. Life isn’t a fairytale, even in the peaceful, laid-back community in the Georgia Low Country. And be careful what you wish for. After her son witnesses her ex-husband’s tragic death, Katelyn Landers quits her satisfying banking career and returns home to run the family business. But instead of the tranquil Low Country life of backyard picnics and people who know her by name, she faces a real estate empire teetering on bankruptcy, professional thieves masquerading as friends, and a tenacious US Marshal who unearths truths that crumble her foundation of self, family, and motherhood.

2018 Release



shutterstock_155021933 (1)When I started writing five years ago, some in my family, especially the younger ones, asked if I’d name a character in one of my books after them. But now that I blog weekly and the content derives from family events, excitement over seeing their name in print has faded to one rung above dread.

But I live by the motto: I own everything that has happened in my life. I tell my stories, and if people wanted me to write only nice things about them, they should’ve behaved better.

My narratives are the quirky, funny, nuances that make every person in our clan special. These are my recollections, the way I remember the stories.

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