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About Veronica

Veronica’s just a Florida girl living in a Georgia world. As a mystery, thriller and suspense author she loves incorporating the quirks of Savannah’s Low Country into her edge-of-your-seat novels. 


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I have really enjoyed the Loblolly series. Veronica Mixon’s books have just the right mix of suspense and romance. Changing Tides was also very enjoyable. I am looking forward to Loblolly Book 3, Sandpiper Creek.

Amazon Reviewer

Mrs. Mixon has a talent beyond measure. I am totally loving every story she produces! Can not wait for her next amazing book!!!!

Amazon Reviewer

Veronica Mixon is one of those authors for whom I have a standing book order. Whenever anything new comes out from her, I don’t want to wait more than a minute longer than I have to before I can delve into her stories.

Amazon Reviewer


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